Månadsarkiv: oktober 2016

How open am I? After watching the Adobe link with Alastair Creelman I can see that I am not open at all when it comes to both teaching and research. Open access I believe has in research become widely spread and accepted. The issues there is that it costs a lot of money to publish in open access journals, but we all want our research to be read, shared and referenced and Open access is a motivated tool for that. However, when it comes to teaching I am a novice in sharing and have had many doubts related to being scared, just as the example for our Topic 2 describes. Next step is to investigate; how can I be open and still feel safe that my teaching is not taken out of its context.


Now we are really getting a hang of the online learning, and by that I mean my own learning. The PBL Group is starting to be very active and so am I. Next week I will have my own course, in a blended learning course, mixing online and onsite learning. I am realizing that there are many things that I can improve in the course, things that are related to the online part. I have not used the chat before and it is really an excellent tool that I think would fit one of the tasks in the course.