The challenge of collaboration online

I have been coordinating a bleded course that have both online and onsite collaborations included. I have noticed that the students are hesitant and struggle with the online tasks and collaboration, especially to start the collaboration. I am now in a similar position and know more about their experience. It is not easy to collaborate in learning and build a learning community online. You have to be active, social and give from your self to the groups efforts to move forward in the collaborative learning process. Being part of ONL162 have really given me experiences from ”the other side”. It is easy to just fall into the trap of just doing your assigned part of the task (according to a definition by Siemens from 2002 this is online collaboration) and not do things together and learn together, truly build a trust and a community of learning. I believe that the case scenarios is great in the way that it puts us in the position that we need not just to collaborate, but also to invest in a community of learning in order to move forward with the scearios and the groups learning process.




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