Designing an online Learning activity

The next phase is to use our new knowledge and actually desing a learning activity online using two different models, the ADDIE model and the Five stage model. Both models are very useful, the ADDIE being more detailed and goal-oriented and the Five stage more about scaffolding learning on an abstract level. I really enjoyed reading about both models and I found that the Five stage model could help me with a current course.

I run a blended course with most of its methods for learning related to IRL tasks so the blending of online activities is quite sparse rather it is a platform for getting the literature and have sporadic discussions. With the use of the Five stage model I can see that I can make several changes and improve the course and the learning activities! Yes, excactly what I needed since the students are failing with too high % in my course. As an exmple we do not have any group activities in the course that are online, so they do not use each other in an efficient way, just for the few meetings that we have. Next semester there will be substantial changes in the course and I expect that more of the students will achive the learning goals….


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