Being part of an online PBL community

I did not think that I would learn as much as I have during this ONL 162 course. So what have you learned, you might ask? The main lesson learned is that there is a certain need for commitment from members within a PBL Group and I would say that the engagement have to be even higher when happening online. Online learning is based on sharing and if you do not share there will be no learning. Also learning is about taking roles and responsiblity for your learning and this becomes even more evident when learning happens in the PBL context and online.

I have really enjoyed the freedom of online learning, but it has also been hard since it demands that you plan your learning activities, even though it is not strucured in a calender (i.e. with set lectures).

For the future I will use my new knowledge in course- desing and to increase the learning experiences of the students that I teach online and in blended learning courses.



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